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We believe in the importance of rigorous self-discipline. We invest only in companies that are emerging market leaders with strong management teams and growth potential. We strive for excellence and execution in every investment. Our value-oriented investment criterion focuses on preserving capital and ensuring that our investments have an appropriate return profile in relation to risk. 

We are seasoned professionals with deep collective experience in private investing and corporate operations. We are mindful of the trade-off between risk and reward, and understand that the investment process is difficult and subject to human fallibility.

To reduce our own error, we have taken great care to design a comprehensive, proprietary system of checks and balances to minimize the chance of substantial loss. In addition, we have assembled a group of experienced business executives with diverse industry backgrounds who will serve as resources for our portfolio companies, corporate partners and the Aegis team.  
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In short, we apply proven private capital skills to help portfolio companies achieve strategic objectives and enhanced profitability. Our team goes beyond financial reviews to analyze the key operating processes by which a company earns profits on a consistent basis. We are supportive partners and seek management teams who are responsive to a collaborative environment.