Aegis: Philosophy 

We seek to invest in privately-held middle-market companies.  Whenever appropriate or possible, we will invest in middle-market companies that interact, to varying degrees, with a larger corporation’s core competencies and strategic requirements. We believe current market conditions, influenced by more stringent credit standards of commercial banks and more conservative capital structures sought by larger corporations or other equity sponsors, are creating an increased demand for mezzanine-type investments. In many cases, middle-market companies may have sufficient cash flow to service and amortize a loan but may not want to sell common stock, as the dilution may be substantial, revenue growth prospects too strong or the ultimate strategic value unclear. Aegis will structure its investments to fulfill the financing, organizational and ownership needs of its corporate partners.

Aegis: Philosophy 
Develop Effective Partnerships

 Whenever appropriate or possible, we may invest in middle-market private companies that can provide strategic value to a larger corporation or Corporate Sponsor. These types of companies may have little or nor linkage with the operations of the Corporate Sponsor but can become suppliers, customers and third-party developers who makes goods and services that stimulate demand for its core offerings.


Whenever appropriate or possible, we may also invest in middle-market companies that can be associated with a Corporate Sponsor’s operating capabilities. The operational link can be in such forms as sharing technology, production facilities, sales channels and product use. This type of company might become strategically valuable if the business environment were to shift or corporate strategy change. Tight operational links will allow these option-like investments to provide financial as well as strategic returns. Ultimately, the Corporate Sponsor may decide to fully acquire a portfolio company by purchasing Aegis’ investment at market value or by other arrangements.

Aegis: Philosophy 

The Corporate Venture Operating System (CVOS) is our proprietary due diligence tool.

It contains templates that identify specific assessment areas as well as key characteristics of intellectual capital for both small and larger corporations. With CVOS, we learn how and why a business is profitable.

Aegis: Philosophy 
Customize Investment

Every investment is unique, so we don't use a cookie-cutter approach.

We view each investment both in financial terms and as a collection of organizational and operational attributes that over time must coalesce to deliver gains to all shareholders.

Our aim is to provide growth capital to private companies that can achieve the size, profitability, management depth and sophistication to become public companies or attractive merger or acquisition candidates.

Aegis: Philosophy 
Value Orientation

We supply the support and capital our investments need to achieve their full potential.

To create a sustainable competitive advantage, all organizational and structural components of business must be aligned and focused to assure a consistent customer experience.

We believe that cost reduction measures together with strategic impetus that can nurture opportunities to grow near-term and long-term revenue will minimize the risk of loss without foregoing the potential for capital appreciation. We adopt transaction structures that address the needs of prospective portfolio companies and their owners. We expect to structure our investments so they correlate closely with the success of our portfolio companies.

Aegis: Philosophy 
Invest for the Long-term, Prepare for the Short-term

Our business is investments, not transactions.

From our investment process, we develop specific touchstones for monitoring short-term performance against long-term objectives.

We do this so that, together with management teams and our corporate partners, we can take appropriate and decisive measures for achieving operating targets and realizing significant equity returns.